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 Traditional Black Spirituality


It is important for humanity to know their ancient history and culture.

The daemon Goddess Lilith revealed that all traditional African religion were branches of Spiritual Satanism, as we are practicing today at the Joy of Satan Ministries.

The Serpent, Snake, Python and Cobra are all SATANIC/PAGAN symbols for spiriituality, godhood and spiritual power. It is the Kundalini Serpent that is in us all from Satan.

The Kundalini Serpent

In studying Tradional African religion you find Spiritual Satanism at the root. Spiritual Satanism being the foundation of all ancient religions since the beginning.


Voodoo and Vodun

The Significance of African Dance

The Egyptian Gods and the Black Race

Traditional African Religion and Satanism

Witchcraft and Magick in Africa

Alchemy and "Metal" Working in Africa

The Swastika in Africa

Satanism and the Ifa-Orisha Tradition of the Yorubas

Satanism, Odinani and the Sun

Sacred Serpent of the Serer

The Dogon and An Overview of Black Awakening

Enemy Gods, Enemy Attacks and Blood Sacrifice



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